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Court Shoes

Court Shoes

Ladies Court Shoes

Centuries ago, high heels were invented to prevent a rider’s foot from slipping in the stirrup while on horseback. Then in the 15th century, French aristocrats started the trend for dressy high-heeled court shoes, both for men and women, and the term “well-heeled” became synonymous with luxury and fashion.

Whether you want classic or contemporary court shoes, Shipton & Heneage has an excellent array of court shoes styles for you to peruse. Choice is what we’re all about. Select from satin, brocade, leather or other luxury materials; immerse yourself in  colours - from the deep red, blue, pink and purples to the softer hues of gold, tan and cream; and play with heel height and detail features. From an office meeting to a night out on the town or a country wedding or a special date, our court shoes can be worn anywhere in style and comfort.

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